Define Me, If you dare.

In futile efforts I had tried to narrow my interests, well I am done with that. Bring it on world, I'm a tough cookie to crack.


A bunch of stars


at me

looking down

from their stellar



illuminating the night sky

tickled with giggle

            ─you’re so insignificant

            look at him

            he thinks he matters

            you will be gone in a hundred years           


one with a teal tint actually fell and hit the roof of a neighboring house

took a minute or so, but climbed up the celestial rungs chuckling the whole way up

Clearly/ I

was outnumbered

So I had to think fast

─my thoughts can’t rival their light

what chance do I have

what do they know

so far away

Rather fighting

a battle lost

before its beginning



at myself \ to sleep

saturating my pillow

Daylight came hiding the jesters

but I could tell nor deny

they were right 

it was funny

  • 11 July 2012
  • 3